Fantastic entertainment for both kids and adults! Meet the charming Zombie Granny, the Grandmother of all Zombies!

Get ready to zap them all!

Combining zany animated characters, dazzling animated destruction effects, and intricate, brain-teasing puzzles, Zombie Granny is simultaneously humorous, challenging, and fun.

Killer Futures

3 exciting worlds to conquer: Stonehenge (freemium), Police Station and Pirate Ship (purchase both for $1.99), each one with its own unique design and atmosphere

45 different tricky and challenging puzzle levels to solve

More than 100 unique zombies

3 strong and cunning bosses to defeat

Tons of weapons to use, including colored fireballs, bombs, and boxes

Lots of tricky devices to maneuver: levers, springs, platforms, etc.

Cool graphics and atmospheric music

Arcade elements with fun, lovable characters

Easy-to-use level editor allows to create unlimited number of levels and original puzzles

...and much more!

About Zombie Granny

The game's three different charming worlds (Stonehenge, Police Station and Pirate Ship) challenge players to exterminate more than 100 zombies and the bosses who rule each level in a variety of entertaining ways.

In the game, mechanical puzzles require trial and error to discover the correct order of steps to zap all zany Zombies, and you should complete the levels as fast as you can, scoring gemstones and puzzle pieces to unlock additional levels.

As a bonus, Zombie Granny Origins also includes an easy-to-use Level Editor, allowing you to create and share unlimited number of levels and your unique puzzles.


"Zombie Granny is a must-download and will surprise even the youngest of players!"


"A stylish take on trial and error puzzles! This is an unusually good looking game!"

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"The stylish graphics, polished game mechanics and diverse levels are sure to offer you hours of joy!"

Touch My Apps

"Zombie Granny is a near-perfect combination of physics-based puzzling, zombie blasting, and cutesy new-world graphics"

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